About me.

After several years working in international renowned architectural and design agencies,including David Chipperfield Architect and Christophe Pillet.

Gae Avitabile founded his own design studio Tana in 2012. He works on a large range of projects, from industrial design to space design project.

The collaborations and project diversity lead him to see design in global way of thinking. He focuses on simplifying the interactions between humans and space or object. His projects are rooted in a responsible approach deeply concerned by the reliability and sustainability of its creations.


I look for new approaches in the design, reinterpreting and redefining creative processes to create objects, which, other than functionality and aesthetics demonstrates the concepts and history behind each of them. I am fascinated by the way children, with their intuitive ability, transform conventional objects and their use from one game to another.


2013, design and design international design award, Cryon , PARIS/FRANCE

2014, iron award, AdesignAward, Place , COMO/ITALY

2015, iron award, Adesignaward, Vasa Lamp, COMO / Italy

2017 una lampada da salone, EMPORIUM srl,

2017 Molteni Dada contest second place, Bologna/ Italy

2017 Made Talent Lab, Carola Bench, London / England


Molteni I dada workshop – Milano 2017

One of the 10 selected designer for LagoStudio Workshop 2015.


Iu mirror _ Meet My Project – breradesigndistrict – Milano fuorisalone 2018

Vasa Lamp – emporium srl – Porto Recanati ( MC ) – Emporium event.


2018 Prodeez

2018 Mocoloco

2016 Design Milk

2015, Cryon lamp, Dada soundchair, Design for 2015, Fausto Lupetti Editore, Milano, Italia

2013, Cryon ,Design and Design book of the year VOL. 6, Index book, Marc Praquin,

Barcellona/Spain Paris/France.

Link award



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